Friday, August 31, 2007

I exist!!

Hi All,

Yesterday I received a very important document. It says that I am a real person and that I exist - that's right I got my birth certificate!! Very exciting! Now I can get a passport, get a bank account, go clubbing (oh no, that one might have to wait a bit...).

My parents were very happy with me yesterday because although I was very grumpy last night I still was asleep by about 7:10pm and slept until 12:15am.

I get very cross with mum at the moment when she puts the drops in my mouth - I try and puke it back up on her to show her I'm not happy but most of it goes down. Even the cherry flavour doesn't help - I wonder why they didn't make it milk flavour??

We're going to do something together today because it's dad's last day of holidays but the weather is really yucky so we'll see what mum and dad come up with.

Until next time,
Zeke (aka Roman)

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Boobies etc...

Hi All,

Firstly, I had a good night last night. I went to sleep at 6:45pm then slept right until 1:15am! I then slept until 5:45am. It's funny - I think I've taught Dad how to sleep through anything and Mum now wakes up at the slightest noise!

Mum and I went to the hospital this morning to see the lactation consultant. I didn't say anything to the other babies but I was definitely the cutest (the others had screwed up little faces and were no where near as adorable as me). The consultant was very happy with my latching on and as we thought it seems that it's a fungal infection that's causing mum the problems. We got some more cream for her boobies and some drops for me so hopefully we'll get that sorted out quickly.

It seems everyone loves new babies because whenever we go out people come and talk to mum or dad about me and ask questions and make cooing noises over me. I know I'm cute but back up and give me some breathing room!!

Dad is going to enjoy the beautiful weather by doing some gardening this afternoon. I think secretly he's very much looking forward to his first father's day on Sunday and not just because he's going to get a cool present from me!

Time for a feed.

Catch you later,

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Fish and chips...

Hi All,

Yesterday Dad, Mum and I went to the park and had fish and chips (well, actually, mum and dad didn't share with me but anyway...). It was lovely and the weather was great.

This morning Mum and I went Forest Hill while Dad was still sleeping in bed. We got there so early we even got to use the Parents with Prams parking - right near the door!!

Tomorrow mum and I have a trip to the hospital to see the lactation consultant. We're there for 4 hours - that's a lot of time spent on boobies.

Dad is back at work next week and he starts off by going to Sydney on Monday for 3 days (no easing back in gradually!!). Mum and I are going to go to Bairnsdale to see Grandma and Grandad. I've grown an awful lot in the last 3 weeks so it's probably a good thing that I see them otherwise they might not recognise me.

Catch you later!


Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Nothing much to report...

Hi All,

Nothing much to report today. Sunday night home alone with mum went very well. I figured I would go easy on her so I was on my best behaviour. We went for a walk together, then fed and bathed and went to bed all without any fussing. Dad was very pleased that I was such a good boy for mum. Mum even managed to sew block out fabric to the back of the curtains in dad's office after I'd gone to bed (mum was wondering when she would ever get anything done - maybe it's after I've gone to bed!)

Yesterday was a pretty normal day - nothing exciting. I am sleeping less and less at my 9am nap but still sleeping 2.5hrs at lunch time which is good because mum can have a sleep at the same time.

Only 4 days now until Dad goes back to work!! We might go out for lunch today but I think mum and dad are afraid that it might break my wonderful lunch time sleeping... we'll see.

Hope everyone is happy (if not, get naked - it works for me).

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Visitors from far and near

Hi All,

Well after 2 nights of sleeping from 7am - 7pm with only one feed at 12:30am I decided last night that enough was enough and I woke up 3 times instead... so mum is a little tired this morning. Dad has been put on notice that he is responsible for awake times today. On the bright side I am still going down for all my naps really well (I don't think I cried at all when I was put down for my sleeps yesterday).

I had a lovely day yesterday - Grammy and Papa were here for the day and they did a wonderful job of keeping me entertained and I did a wonderful job of keeping them entertained. I also got a visit from Scott, Sonia and Kaja (I'm very popular).

Dad's off to church tonight but unless mum gets really brave in the next couple of hours I think she and I will stay home tonight.

I was going to post a photo for you all but I can't seem to make it work - I'll have to get mum and dad to help me once they get up out of bed. I better get back into my cot before they catch me messing with the computer.

Have a lovely day,

Friday, August 24, 2007

Little Monkey? No - Little Frog!

Hi All,

Dad likes to call me his little monkey but lately he's got to thinking that perhaps it would be more fitting to call me his little frog. Please see photos below for evidence to support this theory (I am the top photo...):

So there you have it - I am a little frog...

Sorry that it's been a couple of days since posting - I've been pretty busy sleeping and eating (and also Dad has been hogging the computer...).

I had a visit to the Maternal & Child Nurse on Wednesday. She was very happy with me. I've put on another 150gm which is in the normal range but on the low side of normal. All my joints and reflexes are good. She didn't even mind that I screamed the whole time I was there. The Nurse suggested Mum go and see the Lactation Consultant because she gets excrutiating pain whenever I latch on so we are going in next Thursday for a couple of hours to see what they say.

Big news - last night I only woke up for 1 feed between 7pm and 7am. I don't think it means mum gets any more sleep because she spends most of the night awake wondering why I haven't woken up yet and trying to guess how long until I do wake up... Dad thinks mum is silly.

I'm looking forward to seeing Papa and Grammy tomorrow. I'm sure they'll be impressed with what a lovely baby I am.

Bye for now,

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Tummy Time

Hi All,

It turns out I quite like a bit of naked tummy time each day. It's recommended that babies have some time each day on their bellies to compensate for sleeping on their backs so each day mum and dad are giving me some tummy time. Apparently most babies hate it but I quite like it. I also quite like to wee on the towel every time I have tummy time.

You may also like to note from the photo below that I have huge testicles...That's it for now,

Monday, August 20, 2007

Day of Firsts

Hi All,

Yesterday I had a couple of "firsts."

In the morning, I went out for my first outing just with mum (without dad). We went to get a couple of things from the shops so mum had to do the pram by herself, put me into my car seat etc. She did really well and it turns out it wasn't that hard at all. It did however mess up the schedule for the rest of the day which probably made my other "first" more difficult.

In the evening we went to church for the first time. It started pretty well - we got to the hall at 5pm so dad could help set up sound stuff for the meeting which was good timing because mum gave me my 5pm feed in the cry room. Then I got to meet lots of people who thought I was adorable (of course). Then I slept through the first half an hour of the service before starting to wake for my 6.30pm feed. Mum took me to the cry room again for my feed where I proceeded to feed for 1 1/2 hours!! instead of my usual 30 minutes. By the time the meeting ended at 8pm mum was absolutely exhausted so dad got us in the car quickly so we could go home. I then screamed the whole way home (which is strange because usually the car ride puts me straight to sleep). Dad put mum in the bath so should could relax before going to bed while I continued to scream in my cot. Mum and Dad worked on the assumption that given how much I'd drunk there was no possible way I could still be hungry so Mum went to bed and Dad checked on me a couple of times over the next 2 hours while I continued to scream. I finally fell asleep about 10.30pm and then slept until mum woke me for a feed at 3.30pm. So my first trip to church was probably more stressful than mum and dad wanted but they are glad we did it anyway.

I've been a little bit grumbly today but not too bad given I didn't get all my sleep last night. Mum's hoping that I sleep well tonight so she can catch up on some sleep. We'll see...

See you later...

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Who's a superstar? I am...

Hi All,

Yesterday I decided to restore my parents faith in my ability to go to sleep unassisted. I went down for all my sleeps at night with very little fuss and only needed a quick burp from dad after my 2:30am feed.

Today I graduated to the 2 week schedule which means I get 1.5hours more awake time. It will be interesting to see if I sleep well tonight or if I'm overtired from being awake longer.

We went to Sassafras for breakfast this morning which was very enjoyable although my feed was late so I screamed most of the way home... Mum still hasn't got the courage to breastfeed me out in public so until she does I may just have to do some screaming...

Update on the cloth nappies - my cloth nappies come up so well in the wash - no trace of poop left on them at all. Amazing.

Here's a photo so you can see how cute I look after a sleep:

Bye for now,


Friday, August 17, 2007

Off to work we go

Hi all,

Today we went to Mum's work so she could show me off to all her work friends (I'm very cute). They were all very impressed with me and thought I had an amazing head of hair. People were also impressed with mum's figure given she only had me 2 weeks ago. I heard she's back into her pre-pregnancy jeans (even if they are her roomier pre-pregnancy jeans...) I got held by lots of strange people and I was very well behaved. Mum then walked me down to the cafe at church to meet Dad and I got to meet more people there.

Mum and Dad are trying to take me for a walk each afternoon during my 3pm sleep time. I always go straight to sleep (even if I've been screaming beforehand) and I sleep the whole way. And if Mum and Dad are lucky when they get back from the walk they just roll the pram into my bedroom and I stay asleep. Mum really enjoys the walks and even if she's really tired it makes her feel much better.

I had my longest sleep yet last night - from 11:30pm - 5:30am (although this was probably because I screamed myself silly from 7pm to 11:30pm). Even though I've had lots to drink and fall asleep while feeding as soon as I get put in my cot I decide that I want to be fed again. My crying upsets Mum but she is trying to remember that if I'm fed, burped, nappy changed and warm then a bit of crying probably isn't going to hurt me. She fed me from about 8:30pm - 9:45pm last night and then went to bed. Dad told her this morning that I screamed for the next 2 hours but Mum can't hear my crying when the door's shut and she's sleeping (which is probably a good thing given I was fed so there probably wasn't much more she could do).

That's all for now. I'll try and get Mum and Dad to take a photo so I can post it tomorrow.


Thursday, August 16, 2007

Nappies and Bottles

Hi All,

Well, yesterday was my first day in cloth nappies. Mum bought some hoping to use them to save money and also I think she's been a bit surprised at how much waste the disposables make (who knew I would poop so much!!). They are not like the old cloth nappies (plain old squares of terry toweling material) - these are coloured fitted nappies that look like disposables but go in the wash. Mum's washing some right now so I'll find out how they go and let you know... here's a picture of me in my nappy:

Dad is keen to feed me expressed milk at night from a bottle so mum can get some sleep but I've decided that I'll guzzle the whole bottle of milk then let dad put me down to sleep then scream the house down. It's such a cool game- drives dad batty!!! and the only thing that will satisfy me is mum's boob - even though i've already had plenty to drink...
I've got to go and have a nap now.
'til next time,

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Visit from the Maternal health nurse

Hi All,

I had a good night last night. My mum fed me at 10pm and I went to sleep afterwards which I hadn't done the previous 2 nights. She worked really hard at giving me a good feed (she kept waking me up when I fell asleep feeding so that I could drink more). Then dad gave me a feed at 2:30am. I made little crying noises after this feed but I wasn't too upset just a bit unsettled.

Today I was visited by the Maternal and Child Health Nurse. She thought I was very cute and was very pleased that I'd put on 200gm since my last weigh in.

I had a visit from Josiah Collinson this afternoon. He's 4 months older than me and it's good to see that soon I'll be smiling and more interactive...

Mum was pretty tired today because she didn't have a sleep during the day time like she's supposed to but at least she can see that she needs to make sure she does...

that's it for now.


Monday, August 13, 2007


Mum and Dad thought it would be a good idea for me to have a blog so Grandma & Grandad and Grammy & Papa could see photos of me and read about what I've been up to...

I'll probably do most of the posting but I'll let mum and dad post as well.

Yesterday we had lunch at Dallas' house and I got to see Grandma and Grandad, Dallas, Leanne and Tim. I had lots of cuddles which was nice. Mum and Dad took me for a walk in the afternoon. It's the first time mum's gone out for a walk since I made her very sore by being born. Then last night we had fish and chips with Dean and Helen, Payton and Ariel. I think that's the first time I've seen other little people.

I seem to be having problems with going to sleep after my 9:30pm feed at the moment. I seem to be hungry 5 minutes after I've finished feeding even though I seem full when I finish my feed. I'm confusing mum and dad quite a bit... but they are very happy that I am still going down so beautifully at all my other sleep times.

It turns out I'm a very sweaty little baby. When mum woke me up for my 2:30am feed she had to change all my clothes and sheets because I had got them all wet with sweat. She wasn't too fussed because she was going to change my sheets today anyway (although she had planned on doing it during the day time - not at 2:30am!). Mum wonders how often she is supposed to change my sheets. Is it once a week or more often??

Mum got a good sleep today at lunch time and Dad is looking forward to going out tonight to play with his mates. Meanwhile I better get back to my nap.

Here's a picture of me and my dad sleeping:

Bye for now,