Sunday, November 28, 2010

Christmas time

Hi All,

Yesterday I got to do something very exciting. I got to help mum decorate the Christmas tree!

Mum said I did a great job but later I saw her rearranging all the decorations that I'd put on the tree. What's that about, mum??

Another exciting thing happened the other day. We had a HAIL storm. It was really cool. I got to watch from the window:

You might wonder from these 2 photos whether I wear anything but pyjamas. I do, but a lot of good stuff happens when you wear pyjamas.

That's all for now,

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Hi All,

Yep - I've been on holidays with my mum and dad in Warrnambool.

We love it there because it has beaches and awesome parks and lots of palm trees.

That's all for now,

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Things I love

Hi All,

Something you might like to know about me:

I love pointing out taxis and palm tress.

Whenever I see a taxi I shout (as loud as possible), "TAXI!" Sometimes I think people think it's strange that a little boy would be hailing a taxi but I'm not - I'm just acknowledging it's presence.

Also I love palm trees. Whenever I see palm trees, I shout, "PALM TREE!" I'm not really sure why I do this but I enjoy it very much.

That's all for now,

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Funny stories

Hi All,

I would like to tell you 2 stories.

I have quite a big vocabulary (the fact that I know the word vocabulary should prove this). Also I have always been encouraged to speak nice and clearly. These facts are important for my first story. Yesterday mum and I were shopping. We got to the checkout and mum was paying the lady. I was looking around and noticed a lady at the checkout next to us. I said to mum (in my loud, clear voice), "Mum, that lady is FAT!". For some reason we left very quickly. When we were a good distance away from the fat lady my mum said, "Yes Roman, the lady is fat but we don't say that out loud because it might hurt her feelings." I don't really understand that but I now know what to do if I want to get out of the supermarket fast.

My other story happened this morning. Mum was very tired this morning because she had a meeting last night. My dad got me breakfast while mum stayed in bed. After I finished my breakfast I went into my mummy and had this conversation with mum.
Me: Mum, could you please get me my vitamins?
Mum: OK.
Me: Mum, are you happy?
Mum: Yes, I'm happy but I'm very tired.
Me: Do you want to go back to sleep?
Mum: Yes, I would love to.
Me: OK, but can I have my vitamins first?

It's all about priorities!

That's all for now,

Monday, November 8, 2010

Weekend Away

Hi All,

I went away on the weekend to visit some family. I had such a good time.

You might know that I have been very afraid of the ocean since I got dumped a couple of times.
Mum and dad told me that we were all going to the beach and I started to get very worried. I said, "Let's do something else. Let's go to the park!" but they didn't fall for it.

But we all went to the beach and I had a GREAT time. I was a bit afraid but I saw my cousin wasn't scared at all so I had to be brave and guess what - it was awesome. I also found out that I enjoy eating sand - mmmm, crunchy!

The next day we went to Ashcombe Maze. As you might have guessed it has a maze (or three). BUT the really fun part was that there are fairies and gnomes hidden in the gardens and we had to find them!

I had such a lovely time!

That's all for now,