Monday, November 30, 2009


Hi All,

Yesterday my mum, dad and I put up our Christmas tree!!! I never knew that you build trees branch by branch and that they come out of a box but that's how we did it.

I was very helpful:

Mum put the decorations at the top of the tree and I put them at the bottom (then mum rearranged the ones that I put down the bottom):

Sometimes I touch the pretty gold balls and then they fall off. When this happens, I've found the best thing to do is to push them under the tree and walk away. No one will ever know it was me...

Bye for now,

Saturday, November 28, 2009

My name

Hi All,

If you ask what my name is I will pat my chest and say, "My name, Roman." Sometimes when I'm playing with other kids I'll go over and say to them, "My name, Roman."

But now I also know that my name is Roman Ezekiel Young. I know it says it at the top of this blog but I don't think I've ever noticed. So sometimes I'll say, "Roman Zekiel Young". I've also realised that if my name is Roman Ezekiel Young then my mum's name must be "Mummy Ezekiel Young" and dad must be "Daddy Ezekiel Young."

Here is a picture of me and Dad:

Bye for now,

Friday, November 27, 2009


Hi All,

My mum and I did something special today.

We went to the train station like usual but instead of waiting for daddy we got ON the train!!!

It was very exciting. We went all the way into the city and then got off and walked through a lovely park and guess what? We found my dad!! He was in the same park!! What do you think the chances of that are?? Amazing.

Then we got back on the train and came home.

Lots of fun.

Bye for now,

Thursday, November 26, 2009

I'm a dork!

Hi All,

The other day, just after I'd woken up from my lunchtime sleep, my mum asked me what I would like to do in the afternoon. I said, "go to the park!" but then I changed my mind because I thought of something better and said, "GO SWIMMING!!"

Mum said, "OK, let's get ready and go!" So as mum got her stuff ready I thought I would be very helpful so I got my sandals and put one on all by myself. I've never done this before so I was very proud of myself. Mum laughed when she saw me and said she was very proud of me. She put my other sandal on for me and we went to the car. On the way mum took my photo.

Later, I heard mum say to dad that I was a dork because I still had my pj pants on (which are too short) and I'd put my sandal on over my sock but she didn't have the heart to change it because she was so proud of me. I think "dork" must mean a little boy who is very clever and also very cool.

Bye for now,

Monday, November 23, 2009

Baby Animals

Hi All,

On the weekend I went to see baby "animules" at a farm with my mum, dad, Aunty Tanya and Uncle Cliff.

I fed grass to the goats and sheep, saw a big fat pig and was pretty disappointed to watch some baby goats scare my mum.

It was lots of fun!

Bye for now

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Go away

Hi All,

Sorry for being quiet over the last week. Been busy.

I just wanted to tell you a story.

I was playing yesterday by myself, screwing and unscrewing knobs from the exercise bike. Mum came over and sat down with me. I said, "Go away, mummy." I didn't say it rudely or in a nasty way. Mum wasn't sure she'd heard me right (because usually I love playing with my mum) so she asked "Did you say - go away, mummy?". I said, "yes." So mummy went away.

Sometimes little boys don't want to play with their mums.

That's all for now,

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Hi All,

I love trains. Love them!!!

Every day we take daddy to the train station.

While we are in the car I say, "Take daddy to the frain station," "Thank you daddy take frain station," "I love you take daddy frain station." (I can't actually say "train" so I say "frain."

I used to get very upset when dad got out of the car at the train station and I would sob on the way home "Daddy, daddy." But I'm over that now. I just say "Bye Daddy, see you later!"

But the best part is when we pick daddy up from the train station.

When I hear mum's phone ring in the afternoon I know it's daddy. So when mum says, "Guess where we're going?". I say "GET DADDY FRAIN STATION!!!".

In the car I say, "Go Frain Station, get Daddy. Ding, Ding, Ding." (I say Ding, ding, ding because that's the noise the boom gates make).

When we get to the street that the train station is on I say, "Yay, frain station, get daddy" and I start making happy shouting noises.

When we get out of the car I say, "Quick, frain station, quick, quick" because we have to cross over the train lines before the boom gates start going ding, ding, ding.

Then when we get to the platform we sit down and I say, "How many minutes?" so mum can tell me how many minutes until the train comes.

Then I wait for the ding, ding, ding. When I hear it I say, "Ding, ding, ding. What that mean? Frain coming!"

If anyone walks past me I say, "Get daddy frain station!"

Then when the train comes I watch all the windows very carefully until I see daddy.

Sometimes daddy isn't on that train and the train leaves. I say "Bye frain, see you later" and I wave to all the people on the train. Sometimes they wave back.

But sometimes I spot daddy. I point my finger at him and yell, "DADDY!!!" Then he points back at me and yells, "ROMAN!". Then he comes and high fives me. All the other people walking past smile and wish their little boys were waiting for them at the train station.

It's probably the favourite part of my day.

That's all for now,

Friday, November 6, 2009

War Wounds

Hi All,

Yesterday I suffered an injury. A bad one. I'll tell you what happened.

My Grammy and Papa have come to visit. I love seeing my Grammy and Papa. I was playing with Papa, sliding down insulation bags and chucking sticks, having lots of fun while Grammy and Mummy were watching at the top of the stairs. I wanted to make sure Grammy got to play too so I rang over to her to throw the stick to her but I ran so fast that I tripped on a tile and fell and smacked my face on the second step. My tooth went through my lip and blood came out (I don't think I've seen blood before!).

Today I have a big, fat lip. Click on my photos to get a good look.

I was very brave and Dr Papa said I would be fine. I even got icecream after my dinner. Now I know what I need to do to get icecream!

Bye for now,

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Hi All,

One of my most favourite things in the world is being outside. Luckily for me I've been outside all weekend doing gardening with mum and dad. I've used the shovel and the saw and the rake.

Mum and dad hired a skip to put some tree branches in. I saw how dad climbed into it: climb on chair, foot on sticky-out bit and heave self into skip. It didn't look to hard so I climbed onto the chair, put my foot on the sticky-out bit and then hung from the edge of the skip with my feet dangling (this was not how it was supposed to happen). Luckily dad came and helped me get down to the ground. I told him, "dangerous."

You might remember a while ago I told you how we planted a veggie garden. Well, the broccoli wilted, the cabbage got eaten by snails, the strawberries got picked while they were still white (oops) BUT the beans grew to be enormous and we ate them on Saturday night.

That's all for now,