Sunday, May 29, 2011


Hi All,

My family went away for a quick holiday this week to Metung.

We ate lots of good food, went for lots of drives and even went on a boat trip.

I got to be the captain on the boat. We also saw kangaroos and goats on the islands but even more exciting than that was that we saw dolphins in the water. Lots and lots of dolphins. Fast ones, slow ones, big ones, baby ones. Probably 30 of them. Very exciting.

I have learnt some important lessons in the last week. I will share them with you:
  • You should not pour a jug of water down the heating vent. Your mummy will not be happy
  • I do not like change. If something gets moved in our house it upsets my equilibrium. Couches should stay in the same spot. Forever.
  • My mummy can be very resourceful. We forgot to take one of my teddies on holidays and this made me have a bad sleep. So the next night my mummy made me a new teddy by getting a pillowcase, stuffing it with daddy's tshirt, putting a hair elastic around it and calling it Bugsy. Worked like a charm.
That's all for now,

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

Hi All,

On Friday we had Mother's Day at Kinder. A special day when all the kids got to bring their mum to Kinder. We had made presents, had prepared a song, made afternoon tea. Very special. But my mum didn't come. Nope. She had conjunctivitis. Going to Kinder with conjunctivitis is not allowed. So you may think that I was very sad about this. But I wasn't. Do you know why? Because my Grandma came along instead!!

That's right! Grandma and Grandad came and stayed with us this week so I got to take my Grandma to Kinder with me. She was very well behaved.

I have had a lot of fun this week with Grandma and Grandad. But enough about them because today is Mother's Day!

I love my mum.

That's all for now,