Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sleepy Boy

Hi All,

Sometimes eating is really tiring work. All the chewing and swallowing can certainly tire a boy out.

This is the first time I have ever fallen asleep in my high chair.
I really have to go to bed now.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Hi All,

I'm sick : (

Mum took me to the doctor yesterday. We waited in the waiting room and I played with the toys. The doctor called my name and said I had to stop playing with the toys but that I could play with the toys in his room. We went through to his room and on his desk he had the coolest looking toys. Nice and shiny, silver toys, with little torches on them. I went to play with them but he laughed and told me that they were his toys and I had to play with the stupid plastic ones in the bucket on the floor. Someone should teach him how to share.

He told mum that I had an upper respiratory infection (I could have told her that) so she went and got me some medicine. I'm a bit miserable (that's not true - I'm all the way miserable). I keep coughing and waking myself up at night but I put myself straight back to sleep (I know the rules).

Anyway. Before dad went to work this morning mum took our photo. Although I'm a misery guts I'm still cute:

That's all for now,

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fun things to do to mess with your mum

Hi All,

Here are a couple of fun things you can do to mess with your mum:
  • Wait until just after she's changed your nappy to do a big poo
  • Get the TV remote control, take the heating vent out of the floor and then throw the remote down the hole

  • Not eat any of the food that she's brought for you for mum's group, then go and beg off all the other mum's

She'll get frustrated but then you smile at her and she forgives you. Go and try them with your mum.

Bye for now,

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ducks in the park

Hi All,

My Grammy is staying with us at the moment. It's been lovely having her here. I've tried to be quiet at night so I don't disturb her but last night it got too much so I yelled really loud. Unfortunately mum came in, not Grammy, so I just decided I would go back to sleep.

Mum took me to see the ducks at the park near our house. I have decided though that I do not like going to see the ducks. This is because mum will not let me swim with them. That's right. She wants me to stay in my pram or on the ground. I think this is mean. The ducks looked like they could do with a friend to swim with.

That's all for now,

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Parks day

Hi all,
Today I went to a park with my mum. It's a little park that's not very far from our house (mum carried me there because dad had the car and the pram was in the boot of the car). It was good.

But when dad came home we went to a different park in the afternoon. This park IS AMAZING. I've been there before but it's still so much fun. It's around the corner from where mum and dad used to live before I was borned. It has swings (for babies), a flying fox (definitely not for babies), a HUGE sandpit and lots of other things. I saw people that we knew and also a lot of people I didn't know (I think there are probably more people in the world that I don't know than I do know so this probably isn't surprising).

Here is a little girl who decided I wasn't having enough fun so helped me go faster:

Here is me showing off my rock hard abs to girls (very nonchalantly):

Here is me playing once I'd got sick of the girls ignoring me:

Here is me playing in the sand:

and again:

It was a very good day.
Bye for now,

Monday, September 1, 2008

Day with dad

Hi All,

I've been busy, busy lately. Here are some of the things that I do:

On Mondays we usually do grocery shopping and house cleaning. Monday is a boring day.

On Tuesdays I go to the pool with mum. Usually we go in the afternoon when there is only a couple of people there but we discovered last week that if you go in the morning there might be 80 other babies and toddlers there.

On Wednesdays we might go to the library or the park or the shopping centre or have coffee with one of mum's friends.

On Thursdays we see all my toddler friends from mum's group.

Fridays are a bit like Wednesdays except we go to Music Playgroup in the morning.

On Saturday I had the whole day with dad because Mum went wedding dress shopping with Aunty Leanne. Dad and I went shopping, and to the park and just had lots of fun together.

At the moment I like having books read to me (over and over and over and over again). I have about 3 or 4 favourites that I ask for all the time. I like God Made Colours, Maisy has lost Panda, That's not My Monkey and Spot loves his Dad. They are all very good books with wonderful use of character, narrative and picture.

That's all for now because hopefully dad will be home soon so I better go get my books organised for him to read (over and over and over again....)